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Meg Tocantins, here to tell you about hypnosis -- what it is, and what it's not: 

Hypnosis is a guiding hand that can help you to learn skills to combat negative patterns and self-destructive habits. Using hypnosis, you learn to take action over the forces within you that prevent you from attaining your goals, whether it is to quit smoking, reduce the stress in your life, lose weight or overcome fears. Do you have a problem or habit that is causing you to worry, robbing you of your happiness, or even making you ill? Or do you just feel stuck? I help you become what you are capable of being.

Using hypnosis, millions of people have changed their lives permanently by exploring complementary healing, stress management, personal growth and self-improvement. You should be one of them.

Hypnosis is not magic, but the effects can seem quite magical.
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Do you need more information on hypnosis?
Read this
independent review of clinical trials
published by the Mayo Clinic in their journal,
Proceedings, evaluating relevant trials
involving hypnosis to relieve symptoms of illness -
from Allergies to Weight Loss.
Follow this link:
Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine, James H. Stewart, MD

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an article in
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